The Business And The Owner

Being in business for over 26 years, Melodies Hair Salon is not a chain salon, but an independently owned, local business. Over the years this salon has always had affordable haircuts, now at a price of $6.75 * for children and adults. We are a full service, family hair salon, we do tints, foils, and perms.

Melodie Tyree is the owner of Melodies hair salon, and has raised three children in the Vancouver area. She's done benefits for various causes, and has had food drives for the food banks and the Salvation army in her salons.  Melodie has been doing hair for 30 years, and gives customer service a good name. Over the time span of 26 years, she’s had branches in six different locations, resulting in the three branches that are running today. Melodie Tyree is a strong and independent business owner that runs her salons to please your needs in hair care.


*Battleground branch haircuts vary, being $6.75 for seniors, and $8.00 for children and adults.